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Discover Your Dream Off-the-Beaten-Path Trip

From hands-on interactions with elephants to awe-inspiring Himalayan landscapes, Discover Corps offers an adventure for every type of traveler looking for lesser-known destinations.

A classic pink car drive down a Havana street with a mural of Che Guevara

A Havana street scene with a mural of Che Guevara

Courtesy of Discover Corps

When you think of “traveling off the beaten path,” what comes to mind? It might involve exploring remote destinations or the more under-the-radar side of popular places than what’s on the typical tourist circuit. For some travelers, it could mean venturing into far-off natural landscapes and getting close to wildlife, while others might seek adventures to forge deeper connections with local people and cultures.

Whether you’re yearning to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, embark on a high-end adventure with a purpose, get hands-on with wildlife, or foster memorable connections with local communities, the meticulously crafted itineraries from Discover Corps will cater to your every need. Hand-selected expert guides connect you with fascinating people and projects across some of the world’s most incredible locales and each trip is designed to benefit the communities and wildlife you and your family encounter. Here are a few styles of travel that Discover Corps offers:

Dive deep into local Oaxacan culture

A woman serving traditional Oaxacan cuisine from an earthen pot.

Traditional Oaxacan cuisine is always a highlight.

Courtesy of Discover Corps

For those who crave an authentic cultural experience, Oaxaca is an enchanting destination that offers a feast for the senses. Families seeking a rich and educational experience will delight in a visit to the heart of Mexican Zapotec culture, which always transcends the ordinary.

Wander through colonial streets, visit must-see sites like the archeological ruins of Monte Alban, and engage with rural communities through inspiring nonprofits that partner with Discover Corps. Participate in dyeing and weaving classes, chocolate-making experiences, and a distinctive alebrije workshop in San Martín Tilcajete, where you’ll learn about the craftsmanship behind these brightly colored wooden creatures.

You’ll also savor the cuisine of Oaxaca, shop at local markets, and unwind in a charming boutique hotel in the old city. Some itineraries, such as those coinciding with the Day of the Dead festival, include joining colorful parades, witnessing local celebrations and ceremonies, and exploring the side of Oaxaca only locals see.

An off-the-beaten-track experience with purpose in Bhutan

Three children smiling at a village school in Bhutan.

Children at a village school in Bhutan

Courtesy of Discover Corps

Elevate your travel experience with the ultimate journey to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Known for its stunning landscapes and traditional Buddhist culture, this trip to Bhutan provides an exclusive escape with a purpose in what’s truly a bucket-list destination. Discover Corps curates an itinerary that combines stays at elegant lodges and spas where you’ll experience genuine Bhutanese hospitality with opportunities to explore cultural and natural wonders, from the stunning Phobjikha and Punakha Valleys to traditional villages where you’ll meet with Buddhist monks.

Travelers on this trip also visit a village school, meet a master guru to see how important spirituality is in Bhutanese culture, and learn why this is the happiest nation in the world at the Gross National Happiness Center in Thimphu. This itinerary is wonderful for families looking to instill a sense of purpose in their travels.

Hands-on with wildlife in Thailand

A family interacts with elephant as it explores a kid's smiling face with its trunk at sanctuary in Thailand

Family interacts with elephant at sanctuary in Thailand

Courtesy of Discover Corps

Engage intimately with Thai culture and wildlife at a sanctuary for elderly and mistreated elephants on this exceptional adventure tailormade for families, nature enthusiasts, and animal lovers. Connect with mahouts, the caretakers responsible for these majestic creatures, and actively participate in the elephants’ care.

Phuket’s rich cultural offerings, including ancient temples, bustling markets, and Sino-Portuguese architecture also await. The journey concludes on the white-sand beaches of Koh Phi Phi, a celebrated island destination where you’ll enjoy oceanfront resort living and access to activities like a cooking class, mountain hike, or snorkeling adventure. This isn’t your typical Thailand trip—it’s a family-friendly adventure that combines conservation, culture, cuisine, and boutique hotels.

Uganda for the adventurous solo traveler

Photograph of a child and adult gorilla in the jungle of Uganda

Gorillas in the jungle of Uganda

Courtesy of Discover Corps

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary trip to Uganda, ideal for an adventurous soul seeking solitude and self-discovery. Interact with local communities through basket-weaving workshops, school visits, and educational games.

Plus, encounter mountain gorillas in equatorial jungles, witness chimps jumping from tree to tree, track tree-climbing lions, and stay in luxury safari lodges that provide incredible views of this awe-inspiring corner of the world. Discover Corps crafts a journey that combines the thrill of adventure with the tranquility of solo exploration, so this itinerary is great for individuals seeking a transformative experience within the natural world.

Make meaningful connections with locals in Cuba

A colorful photo of ravelers taking salsa lessons in Cuba

Travelers taking salsa lessons in Cuba

Courtesy of Discover Corps

For those who want to connect with people from other cultures, Cuba opens its arms to travelers seeking genuine experiences. Join a once-in-a-lifetime trip to this island nation, centered on community and cross-cultural engagement, allowing you to connect with local communities, savor authentic cuisine, and immerse yourself in the rhythm of Cuban life.

A portion of your time on Discover Corps’ “Building Bridges” trip will be spent in the community of Lawton, just outside of Old Havana. It’s currently undergoing a renaissance thanks to a pioneering community art center called Muraleando where you’ll develop art projects with youth and participate in dance workshops and sports games with the children, helping inspire them and continue the regeneration of their community.

You’ll also explore Havana’s main sites, participate in salsa dancing classes, and venture to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Trinidad and Cienfuegos. Discover Corps’ many Cuba itineraries go beyond the surface—families looking to create lasting memories will find Cuba a dreamy blend of cultural richness and warm hospitality. And, most importantly, these are legal, licensed travel programs that give you access few others have on the island.

A wide range of choices in Africa, Australia, Asia, South America, and beyond

Travelers should look to Discover Corps for unforgettable, family-friendly trips with a positive impact. With hand-chosen partnerships connecting travelers to inspiring initiatives that make a difference, this is travel designed to change your perspective and inspire you and your children to engage with the world. The best part? A passionate team of travel experts will be by your side every step of the way.

Discover Corps’ itineraries—including many other destinations in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Central and South America, as well as the U.S.—offer something for every type of traveler looking to get off the beaten path. Request more information today.

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